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1 of 2 ADC-T3000 Smart Z-Wave Thermostat Control ADC-T3000 Smart Z-Wave Thermostat Control

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Connect Your Thermostat to Your Security System for a Smarter, More Energy Efficient Home. Avoid Overpaying for Energy on Extremely Hot or Cold Days w/ an Automated System. Save Energy Automatically. Smart Home Management. All-in one Alarm System.

MUST HAVE AN ALARM.COM ACCOUNT. CONTACT US TO GET AN ACCOUNT. Our award-winning, ENERGY STAR® certified Smart Thermostat has been updated by our in-house Design Studio to deliver the best in both form and function. With a rich OLED display, advanced diagnostics, and one-touch commands,’s most innovative thermostat yet combines even smarter features with a superior design for maximum comfort. Enjoy precision comfort when paired with an Temperature Sensor. Included in the box Thermostat User guide Drywall anchors and screws (x2) Wire labels Batteries (x2 AAA) Power resistor Features Include: Richer OLED display • Remote and Local Fan Control • Auto Wire Detection • S2-compatible Panel Compatibility:  All Current and Future Panels Available for Purchase From: • Distribution Features Self-configuration for easier installation Flexible, easy-to-use controls Proactive detection of common system problems Humidity control Easy installation Auto-detects wiring to simplify system configuration, eliminating errors and speeding up installations. Broad HVAC compatibility Works with virtually any conventional 24 V system. Supports multi-staged systems and heat pumps, zoned systems in which each zone has its own thermostat, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, and ventilation systems (HRV, VRV, external air baffle). Flexible power options Improved push-button terminals and a more open backplate design make it easy to connect and disconnect wires without additional equipment. The new thermostat also has a 30% slimmer profile and a rich OLED display. Cutting edge security Supports the latest in Z-Wave security using the S2 security protocol. Specifications Power 2 AAA batteries or 24 V power Dimensions 4.1" X 5" X 0.7" (10.4 x 12.6 x 1.8 cm) Operating temperature range 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C) Communication Z-Wave Plus Compatible systems Humidifier Yes Dehumidifier Yes Heat (Fossil or Electric) Up to three stages Cool Up to two stages Heat pump with AUX Up to five stages AUX heat Up to three stages Dual fuel (Fossil AUX Heat) Yes Forced air zoned heat Up to three stages Forced air zoned cool Up to two stages Ventilation control HRV, ERV, external air baffle

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