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Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks Bridge Video Machine

Eagle Eye Networks Bridge Video Machine

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Eagle Eye Networks Bridge Video Machine

An Eagle Eye Bridge is an on-premise device used by the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS to connect cameras to Eagle Eye cloud data centers. Offered in various configurations, the bridges enable you to receive and analyze video from your cameras. In addition, they provide on-premise buffering for bandwidth management and encrypted transmission to the cloud.

Get full featured, cyber secure video recording locally and in the cloud while overcoming network demands of transmitting video through the internet. The Eagle Eye Bridge implements security measures both on premises and in the cloud transmission to ensure video is secure and encrypted with the highest reliability.

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management. Eagle Eye Networks is here to change that with straight forward, enterprise-grade performance that is easy to deploy, remotely manage, and seamlessly integrate with your third party systems.

Please contact our team for video system configuration.

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