Why Cloud Video Surveillance

Some reasons not to install network video surveillance cameras, Digital Video Recorders (DVR) & Network Video Recorders (NVR) on your local area network.

Hacking a locally stored video surveillance machines and network video surveillance cameras is often easy. Most video surveillance cameras, DVR and NVR machines come from the manufacturer with spyware, Trojans and or viruses already installed. Further, most networks will allow outbound connections from any device on the network. Files from computers on local network, video images and passwords can easily be transferred to hackers by infected cameras. Hackers can obtain confidential and personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personal identification information. Hackers are also interested in gathering company related information such as a client database, client information, financial statements and proprietary data.

Network video surveillance cameras, DVRs and NVR’s are an ideal target for hackers because they are simple to exploit. Hackers use bots ran by botnets to preform automated tasks within infected network cameras, network DVR’s and NVR machines. Most video surveillance cameras come from foreign countries and are manufactured by companies with unknown political and governmental affiliations. Many cameras are manufactured by one company, then labeled and sold by several different companies, making it difficult to determine if the cameras have been modified or the original manufacturer and country of origin. Further, manufactures of video surveillance cameras often times or accidentally included backdoor access and often published factory default camera passwords are not changed when cameras are installed. In addition most installers configure passwords that are easy to guess, leaving video surveillance cameras wide open to hackers.

Eagle Eye Networks is the best cloud video surveillance solution. Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance service solution will always continue to improve. Eagle Eye Networks is a software / firmware solution that can be updated / upgraded for future technology, better analytics and higher retention formats. Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance is encrypted, reliable and very secure.

Eagle Eye Networks 4MP POE IP cloud video surveillance cameras come in many different styles. 4MP fixed Lens Eagle Eye Networks video surveillance cameras lenses are available in 2.8mm and 3.6mm The current Eagle Eye Networks camera styles are Mini Dome, Dome, Eyeball, Mini Bullet and Bullet. Eagle Eye Networks cloud video cameras are recommended with a microphone and a motorized lens. The motorized lens adjustments are 2.8mm to 8mm and 2.8mm to 12mm. The lenses on cameras can be adjusted remotely thru the Eagle Eye Networks application.

Cloud Video Surveillance Storage depends on resolutions and retention, each camera can be independently configured for retention. The cloud video surveillance retention can be adjusted after install thru Eagle Eye Viewer application.

Eagle Eye Networks HD1 Cloud Video Surveillance Storage Options

7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days, 90 Days, 180 Days, 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years, 5 Years.

Avenger Security provides custom integration of cloud access control with cloud video surveillance, burglar alarm and fire system. Our team specializes in integration and will make the following recommendation for integration. The cloud access control system should be integrated with video camera on door to record the video clip of access control user entry in the activity log. Brivo OnAir cloud access control integrates backwards and forwards with Eagle Eye Networks cloud video surveillance to provide digital button inside video interface to release lock on facility. This will allow facilities to view live video feed on door remotely and release lock. Further, Avenger Security will recommend valid credentials presented on reader of access control systems, disarm the building security alarm system. Avenger Security can provide UL Listed emergency dispatch to facility in event of door prop and/or forced entry.

Avenger Security provides full service burglar alarm, fire alarm, cloud video surveillance and cloud access control solutions to Houston.